Putting Research into Practice

In the course of completing my PhD I also started a school that I feel embodies what I have shared in my writing.  The Living Water School opened its doors on September 7, 2015.  It was a true step of faith! I longed to create a place where students can open their minds and learn freely.  They could explore the questions that flood their minds each day and they could read rich, classic literature in a leisurely way.

My dream for the school was that it would be a place where dialogue was the main way of learning.  Well, by the mighty hand of God we did it!  We made it through our first year and are ready for year number two.

I also got to present my research on this type of learning at the University of Maryland through an experimental theatre called “The Table.”  It has been an amazing year!  God has done it all.  Now, that the school has completed its first year, “The Table” theatrical presentation and my proposal are all done. I am now moving towards completing my dissertation by the end of August.

I can hardly believe that I am at this point.  Each phase of this journey has seemed impossible, the obstacles seeming insurmountable, but GOD!  By HIM all things are possible.  God has brought me to this point and I give Him praise. May my journey continue to give him honor as I seek to free the minds of more students through reading classic literature and engaging in dialogue.

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