Kush Classics

What is Kush Classics?

Named in honor of the camp my parents founded when I was a little girl (Camp Kush), I have created a podcast that celebrates faith, Ancient African Civilizations, Classics and Black History. I weave in the connection of ancient Africa with ancient Greece and Rome. This isn’t a hard connection to make. When I decided to devote my life to classical studies and showing its relevance to the African American community, I was so excited to find a tradition of studying classics in the Black community and I also took notice of the mention of all the ancient African civilizations I had studied as a child at my parents’ camp in many of the classic texts I was studying.

The episodes are shared here as I get time to record them. The logo for this work is a reflection of my heritage: The Sankofa symbol is an Adinkra symbol of Ghana showing a bird facing forward but looking back. It means to “Go Back and Get It.” This means that to move forward we have to go back to our past and learn our origins. The bird is placed at the intersection of the Anam Cara Symbol which is a reference to my family’s history of being enslaved by and “mixed with the Irish family who owned the McKinney Plantation. No matter how ugly the past is, we are all connected. Octavia Butler expresses this so beautifully in her book KINDRED. The Anam Cara symbol is an Irish/Gaelic symbol meaning “Soul Friend.” It is my hope to use classics and its connection to Black history as a way to show how we can build bridges to each other and a true friendship can exist between races. As we learn about how we are connected through the classics, may we find our connection in the present.

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