In These Pages


There is so much to glean from the ancient folk

There is so much to learn from those who spoke

Centuries ago.

It is different for every person

How the books connect to your soul

But they will if you let them

And it may take time to reflect them

Doesn’t matter the color of your skin

Look deep inside you will find that you are in

The pages spoken of by the sages of your humanity

It’s plain to see and if you can’t

I understand

You see others have struggled too

But we all had to invite Hurston, DuBois, Woodson or Wheatley

To speak for us, so let them guide you

Let them ask the questions that reveal

How these books speak what’s true

About your humanness

Let the process cultivate your mind

To be able to know beyond what’s read between the lines  

Talk about it, with a friend

or not

Draw close to a stranger of a different shade

Or not

but is of the same specie—

Woman or man the whole lot

Of humanity

Can be found in these pages

(Prather, 2016)

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