Proposal DONE!

It’s been a while and even now I have little time to write, but I feel I must document this momentous occasion!  I have completed writing and defending my research proposal!  10 years.  10 very long hard years and finally it is done!  10 years of studying the classics at St. John’s College.  10 years of teaching Great Books literature to African American students.  10 years of people thinking my research interest was lunacy.  Yet, here I am by the mighty hand of God and I give HIM all the honor, glory and praise! It’s amazing that in these years I barely left my research topic.  It is truly my passion.  The Great Books of Western Civilization are to me so important to the progression of the African American people in this country.  Many disagree.  The books raise so much controversy, but thanks be to God that he gave me the words and the wisdom to share my heart.  Now on to the research project of my former students.  I am nervous but excited to interview them to see what their lived experience was of reading Great Books literature.  Onward!

dr. nika

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