My Children, THEN Writing

anikadaydillondestin1me and my kids On this journey I have made a very tough decision:  to always put my children first.  This may explain why it has taken me so long to finish, and yet I have not missed one important moment in my three angels’ lives.  Many would tell me to just focus through the year and get it done and THEN be there for your kids.  The funny thing about life is…THAT IT IS NOT PROMISED TO US.  The next day something could happen to either me or my children and there would be nothing but a degree left to show for it.  I desperately want this degree, but I am insanely in love with my kids.  I cannot sacrifice one moment with them.  It just is not worth it to me.  So, I get up early, pray, read my Word, shower, tidy up around the house and then they wake up.  We hang out, I bathe and dress them, maybe take them on a short field trip and then off to ma-ma and pa-pa’s house.  On those days where I am “uberly” inspired to write, I get up at 4 am or earlier to write before the day gets started. When they wake up, I stop and turn my attention to them and we spend quality time together.  I force myself to not rush that moment.  I try to put my mind at rest…taking deep breaths…praying for God’s peace.  I focus on these treasures.  After that is all done.  After they have received millions of my hugs and kisses.  After they have heard me tell them how much I love them a trillion times.  After we have experienced some new wonder together.  We load up in the FLEX, and head to the grandparents.  We say goodbye ten times.  We keep hugging each other.  I blow kisses as I pull out the drive way. And then I head home to write. And I am at peace….and so are they.

the future dr. nika

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